Rihanna’s "Disturbia" Video Preview

Here are some shots taken on the set of Rihanna’s new video (Dir. Anthony Madler) for the track “Disturbia“. This is the last (and only remaining) extra track to be released from her “Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded” re-release. This re-release was such a rip off, they added 3 tracks and expect people (like me) who bought the original album to go out and get a copy of it? Anyone with any sense (also like me) just downloaded the extra tracks…:P As for the video, it looks like its going to be hot, I hope Madler goes for a really dark undertone as the feathered mask she has on suggests. I guess he’s an acclaimed director so its bound to be good but Rihanna’s videos have been mostly pisspoor in my opinion, she has yet to release something as interesting as Beyoncé, (hate to mention that name in the same post but there, I did it) Christina Aguilera or Britney do with almost every single they release. The best person she could follow for the concept of this track to play on its dark theme would be Ashanti and the video for “The Way That I Love You”, which imo is one of the best female artist videos of the past few years, being that it actually has an unusual concept and twist on the song’s lyrics. Let’s hope Rihanna and Anthony, don’t disappoint!

The track was produced by a guy I’m watching atm called Brian Kennedy(-Fields) who has been behind some of The Clutch songs I’ve been bumping on my iPod in the past few months: Ciara’s “My Love”, Menudo’s “Inside Out” and Jesse McCartney’s “It’s Over” & “Runnin'”. He also produced the unreleased Usher/Nelly collabo from “Here I Stand”, “Angel” with Polow Da Don. He seems to be part of Polow’s camp having played instruments on Chris Brown’sForever” if I recall correctly. Watch out for him, I’m keeping my eye on this guy for some future hits, I don’t think he’s done his best work yet. It was written by Chris Brown, Andre Merritt (Omarion’s “Entourage”) and Robert Allen (who is apparently the 3rd and final member of “The Graffiti Artists” with Brown and Merritt) but I kinda wish it was a Clutch joint, I think they would’ve given Rihanna some heat, although I am kinda biased as a Clutch stan… :S

The track itself was definitely a winner from the start for me and belongs on the album more than the boring upbeat tracks “Say It” and “Push Up On Me”. Brian’s production takes a welcome diversion (all of the aforementioned tracks are ballads) into upbeat tempo and some hot robotic and electronic sounds (which I am always a fan of in songs tbh) a thumping beat and ascending beeps and squeaks. This is relentless throughout the song and with the repetetive vocal sound, (“bom bom bee bom bom”) makes for a riveting track. It is definitely the strongest track from the “…Reloaded” bonus material. After hearing this I’m definitely checking on Brian and The Graffiti Artists on future production and writing duties, Chris Brown has yet to really wow me with anything he has done up to now so I guess like Ne-Yo his time to impress me is to come with a song written for another artist….this one is awesome for now though!

Brian Kennedy’s “Disturbia” and “My Love” are now playing in the sidebar through the wonders of technology! >>>>>

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