Little Snippet

Just thought I would post what I just typed over at Bluri Forums as it was an interesting thought I’d never fully considered, as is so often the case, until I actually typed it:

Definitely agree with you on all accounts. Thing is, Keri is so intelligent and articulate when you see her in interviews then she goes writing really catchy but dumb-bimbo-sounding tracks like “Wait a Minute” and the two don’t really match, I think Candice needs to bring out Keri’s obvious intellect in her lyrics! Candice is such a witty writer and that’s what I love about the Clutch as a whole, they can write an awesome song on topics as diverse as a girls’ love for “Open Toes” or about a guy who loves his car more than his girlfriend (which a lot of girls will have been in the position of) in “Jealous Of Your Whip”.

Declaring my love for The Clutch, Candice and Ms. Hilson will be an oft occurring topic on this blog, so get used to it! Meanwhile wait with baited breath for the album “In a Perfect World” (due September 23rd) and watch my teddybear dance his arse off to Keri‘s awesome new single “Energy” on the audio player! >>>

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