Mariah’s "I’ll Be Loving You Long Time" Video

The video to Mariah‘s new single just made its online debut. As my favourite track from the otherwise lackluster album that was “E=MC²” I’m definitely glad this got a release. Why they used the shit T.I. version I will never know as this should have stayed on the studio floor. His additions at the start aren’t even in time with the music and the “eh ehs” he does are so damn annoying!

The midtempo track was written by Mariah and Cristyle “The Ink” Johnson and produced by DJ Toomp. This surprised me being my favourite track from the album as Johnson’s contributions elsewhere and on Janet’s “Discipline” were very weak and empty in comparison. In fact, not to be too cruel, but it was Johnson’s weak writing that spoiled both of these albums for me. Unstructured messes like “Cruise Control”, “Heat” and “So Much Betta” really let me down when I know they could have hired writers like The Clutch, Ne-Yo or The-Dream (although his Janet track “Greatest Ex” was awful admittedly) who can be so witty with their lyrics and dedicated to their arrangements.

Back to the positive though, the strings and the DeBarge sample really take me back to vintage “Daydream” Mariah and I’m glad to hear her arranging those high vocals to full effect as they were still rather restricted on “The Emancipation…” for my liking. I’m hoping they release the Balewa Muhammad-assisted and Danja produced “Migrate” as the next single as she really needs to put out something upbeat and for the club. This should have been the buzz/first or second single and “Bye Bye” shouldn’t even have seen a release as one of the weakest ballads she’s ever done.

I’m still riling that this album wasn’t as good as it could have been. Every single main producer – B. Cox, Jermaine Dupri & Stargate went against what they do best – uptempos, and provided bland ballads like “Bye Bye”, “I Stay In Love” and “Last Kiss”. Although Stargate redeemed themselves with the 90s-R&B influenced midtempo jam “I’m That Chick”, all of JD and B. Cox’s productions on this album were wasted, when I know these legendary guys can still bring the heat today ala Danity Kane’s “Sucka For Love” and Janet’s “What’s Ur Name”.

Surprisingly Swizz Beatz, whose productions I usually hate, provided me with one of the other few awesome tracks in “O.C.C.”, where I loved the bouncing drums, flute sample and the ascending-descending vocal arrangement throughout. This also takes me back to 90s Mariah, recalling “My All / Stay Awhile”. As always on Swizz joints however, I could have done without his vocal contributions…

I hope this single does well for Mariah as its rare artists release an album track I thoroughly enjoy as much as I do this one. She looks gorgeous in the video too, I’m glad she’s back down to a sexy, still curvy size as she hasn’t looked this good since the “Butterfly”-era. “Migrate” or Johntá’s “I’m That Chick” for the next single please!

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