Jazmine Sullivan’s "Need U Bad" Video

The video for J Records’ Neo-Soul singer Jazmine Sullivan’s debut single “Need U Bad” just dropped online. All I can say is thank god, it looks like for once J are promoting an artist correctly as I never thought Sullivan being as “out-there” (for a major label artist) as she is would even get a release. This girl has a gorgeous voice, writing skills to boot and looks (I know it doesn’t matter) on top of all that and deserves every bit of success she will hopefully get with the right promotion. J have actually managed to built up an awesome roster of talented artists including Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Leona Lewis (USA Releases), Alicia Keys, Monica, Mario, One Chance, Rhymefest and Paula DeAnda, not to mention legends Aretha, Whitney & Santana. Notice how I didn’t include Rod Stewart or Dido…:P

Anyone who releases a Reggae-tinged R&B track in today’s Crunk-R&B/Euro-R&B environment deserves a bit of recognition and Missy and Lamb brought the heat with this track’s production and Jazmine’s Jamaican Patois, not to mention her gorgeous throaty delivery screaming for a Lauryn Hill comparison.

Until her album drops September 16th, check out the awesome Old School Hip Hop-influenced “K-1 Mil Remix” over at Bluri.

Buy: “Need U Bad” @Jazmine Sullivan - Need U Bad - Single - Need U Bad
Buy: “Need U Bad” Video @Need U Bad
Listen: “Need U Bad (K-1 Mil Remix)” @Bluri
Look: Jazmine Sullivan @MySpace
Look: Jazmine Sullivan @Wikipedia
Look: J Records Site

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