Keri Hilson’s "Energy" Video Preview

Right after yesterday and my discussion about Keri’s and The Clutches writing comes some much welcomed news from her debut as an artist, “In A Perfect World”. Here, show “Black Carpet” catches up with her on the set of the video for The Runwayz-produced “Energy” (playing in the audio player now >>>) and gives us some more visual and info on the video. Firstly, I’m excited because its directed by Melina, who has become one of my favourite directors solely for creating the gorgeous, heart-wrenching UK video for Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” and has just released Solange’s nostalgic video for “I Decided”.

Secondly, the theme is described as a boxing match between Keri and her boyfriend and comparing the draining of physical energy in that match with a relationship draining your energy. It sounds like a shit concept tbh, I would rather just have seen her tart around in different outfits looking gorgeous like she did in Usher’s “Love In This Club”. I’m also a little peeved this replaced “Return The Favor” as the first single, as I’m sure The Clutch brought the heat with this one, as they always do. I guess I will have to wait for the album to hear what I hope is this + a decent amount of other Clutch tracks. To jump on the bandwagon with the rest of Keri’s stans, “Energy” is also a very generic track for an exciting girl like Keri, who didn’t even co-write despite her proven talents. I do enjoy the track, don’t get me wrong its not awful by any standards but its just not as inventive and alternative as other tracks like “Henny & Apple Juice” and “Miscommunication”. Regardless, I’m glad they’re serious about promoting the project and the ball is finally rolling for it.

For anyone who doesn’t know about this awesome album, there’s already been tracks, though not guaranteed to make the final tracklist, recorded with: The Runawayz/Rico Love (“Energy”), Timbaland/The Clutch (“Return The Favor”), Justin Timberlake (“Quicksand”), Danja (“Henny & Apple Juice”), Polow Da Don, Sir John from The Royal Court (“Slow Dance”), Cory Bold (“Alienated”), Antonio Dixon (“You Said”) and Melvin “St. Nick” Coleman. (“Sidewalk”) Bring on September 23rd, and my most anticipated project this year!

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