Brandy’s "List"

A post on individual songs will be rare on here but as I was so impressed by this track recorded for Brandy’s new (long overdue) album, and first on Epic, that I had to post. It is said to be produced by The Underdogs (I’m guessing with Rob Knox due to the hot upbeat production) and written by James Fauntleroy, who is moving higher on my writers chart after penning the beautiful Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown duet “No Air” and Katharine McPhee’s “Do What U Do” with Makeba.

The song’s concept isn’t exactly a unique one, just Brandy saying she thinks she deserves to be the number one girl on her guy’s list, but hey, I can’t disrespect as The Clutch did exactly the same on Cassie’s “Official Girl”! The vocal arrangements are hot, although a little thin for what I know Brandy is capable of as the master of vocal arranging. The flow of her vocals is just awesome and really aggressive though and I’m glad she got a track where she sounds back to her old, phenomenal self again.

After a few false starts with mediocre leaked tracks like “Honey”, “Maximum Risk” and “Escape”, plus the generic Eric Hudson/Johntá collabo “Dig This”, none of which I think will be up to the standards of Brandy herself enough to make the album, after hearing “List” and a Darkchild track I was lucky enough to hear “Second Thought” recorded for the project I’m getting even more amped for the quality of this new album. I know Brandy always brings the heat anyway, there’s so worries about that and the fans are all buzzing about this project. I just hope she can match the artistic credibility this time with the mainstream sales it deserves to reach the masses, which although “Afrodisiac” undoubtedly had the former, it unfortunately didn’t manage the latter so well.

Most of all though, bring on those Candice/Clutch tracks, as “Afrodisiac” proved Brandy, the vocalist and arranger from heaven is definitely Candice’s, the writer from heaven’s, muse!

Listen: Brandy – “List” @Bluri
Look: J-Boogie’s Interview with Candice Nelson, commenting on her work with Brandy

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