Keri Hilson’s "Return The Favor" Preview

Just a quick post to say how awesome this track is and was definitely worth the wait! The electronic bouncing background, the way Keri/Candice’s arrangements ride the beat and the alternating vocals with Timbaland are just fantastic! My girl Candice astounds me yet again with her gorgeous arrangements, her and Keri are my absolute dream team, a collabo made in heaven! I can’t wait for the full HQ! I can see why Interscope chose “Energy” as the first single being that The Runawayz production sort of breaks genre boundaries but with the massive success of tracks like “Promiscous” and “The Way I Are” which follow the same call-back-and-forth male-female formula as this one, this could easily have been a hit, especially with Timbaland’s omnipresence as producer and artist on the charts atm. Another thing, “Return The Favor” is hotter than both of these tracks!

My suspicion is that they recorded this track during the “Shock Value” Timbaland/Clutch sessions as Keri said there were more Clutch/Timbo tracks recorded than just “The Way I Are”, I think the track “Your Cover’s Blown” was recorded during that time. Hopefully this, and all the tracks will leak eventually as how Timbo left such fantastic tracks off his album and kept mediocre tracks like “2 Man Show” and “Release” I’ll never know…

Can’t wait for the album, Candice and Keri are the business so more collabos on the album please!

Listen: “Return The Favor” Snippet @Bluri

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