Keri Hilson’s "Energy" Video

Just posted this at Bluri and it sums my thoughts up perfectly:

Love it. Very raw and emotional. Melina had previously really impressed me with the emotion in the (UK – original) video for Leona’s “Bleeding Love” and after this and Solange’s “I Decided” I’ll definitely be checking on her.

I’m so glad they’re finally getting promotion under way for this album. Although even from the snippet “Return The Favor” is clearly the superior track (Candice/Keri’s arrangements are ON POINT, these girls never fail to impress me!) I just want the single out, to do well and to hear the album. Keri deserves her shine after all these years grinding all the original Keri fans know that.

Unlike a lot of fans, I loved “Energy” almost instantly and have simply become more hooked on it after repeated listens. The video brings it to a new level. Bring on September 23rd!

Buy: “Energy” Video @Energy

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