Danity Kane’s "Bad Girl" Video

The video for Danity Kane’s fantastic 2nd “Welcome To The Dollhouse” single “Bad Girl” premiered on FNMTV today after a short 6 months delay (thank Diddy for that) and is just as awesome as I hoped it would be. The Erik White-directed clip follows the song’s concept overtly showing the girls in superhero-like alter egos commanding a series of men around and includes comic book-inspired dramatic captions and “Whoomps!” ala Madvillain’s “All Caps” and Timbaland/The Hives’ “Throw It On Me”. Although I’m extremely upset with Diddy’s treatment in terms of promotion when he has such a fantastic group as Danity Kane on his roster, I’m just glad the video is finally out and I hope the girl’s do well despite the odds stacked against them being on Bad Boy

Buy: “Bad Girl” @Danity Kane - Welcome to the Dollhouse - Bad Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)
Buy: “Welcome To The Dollhouse” @ Amazon
OR @Danity Kane - Welcome to the Dollhouse

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