Brandy’s "Right Here (Departed)"

Brandy today finally unveils something concrete and official from her majorly anticipated and overdue new album. This is to be her first on Epic who will hopefully give her the elite promotion she deserves for this project, where Atlantic didn’t on her last, grossly neglected but gorgeously executed album “Afrodisiac”. At the moment (we know how temperamental these push backs and single swaps can be) it is going to be the debut single from the as-yet untitled album.

Thankfully, I am left completely satisfied with this awesome dramatic, anthemic and catchy little Pop-R&B number which sees Darkchild step back to decent (although still not his old revolutionary, legendary self) form and collaborate for the first time with the latest writing super-team The Writing Camp – Evan “Kidd” Bogart, Erika “E-Nuri” Nuri, David “DQ” Quinones & Victoria “Lady V” Horn.

Firstly, I have heard the individual writing of somewhat veteran writers now, Evan Bogart and Erika Nuri, who both have proven track records for catchy tracks like Jennifer Lopez’ “Stay Together” and P!nk’s “Do What U Do” respectively, but as a collective, these writers clearly hit their peak, as Candice Nelson does when writing with my favourites The Clutch and I’m definitely anticipating more from these 4 intriguing talents after hearing this, their debut release. (as far as I know anyway!)

Secondly, its nice to see that Darkchild can still bang out some nice tracks when he’s paired with the right artist and lyricists, usually creating hits with new talented writers like Delisha Thomas (Joy Enriquez, Danity Kane’s “Hold Me Down”, Samantha Jade’s “Boyfriend” and Megan Rochell’s “The 1” in particular) and more recently Tasleema Yasin (Janet Jackson’s “LUV” and “Feedback”) and BIG misses coming from writers like Sean Garrett and Rock City. In a sense, yes, good writing is saving his ass to be frank but either way its nice to hear some more listenable Dakchild tracks as they have been so rare in recent years! I can also breathe a sigh of relief after hearing this and “2nd Thought” that Rodney has not messed up this much-anticipated reunion with what appears to be his muse: Brandy.

If you didn’t guess already I’m a massive Brandy fan and am definitely anticipating this project like crazy the more quality tracks like this, “List”, “First & Love” and “2nd Thought” I hear. And let’s just say, along with their Keri Hilson collabos and after Candice showed they are the perfect match on “Afrodisiac”, the Clutch tracks have got to be my most anticipated this year!

Listen: “Right Here (Departed)” @ForeverBrandy

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