Cassie’s "Official Girl" Video

Cassie‘s debut video from her currently still untitled sophmore album was finally shown on MTV‘s “FNTV” the other day. To put it straight, the video is fantastic. Chris Robinson really gave it this sexy, slick feel and it just looks expensive and fly. Cassie, it goes without saying looks hot, but she’s a bad bitch and she always looks gorgeous, that pink dress and her hairstyle with it look fly as fuck, she always rocks an outfit, I swear she could make a binbag look good!

As for the song, the video has actually made it grow on me, which I don’t normally need for a Danja/Clutch joint but did for this track in particular. The dance moves make it appear like more of a danceable track than I originally thought and made me dig the production more. I still think Danja could have come harder with his production and they could have given Cassie a Clutch banger like I know they can and saved this for an album track. I also hate the Lil’ Wayne feature, and only listen to the track in its no rap form. I think he can work as a guest artist, like he did on Nivea’s “Ya Ya Ya” and Solange’s “ChampagneChronikNightcap” but this song’s production didn’t really favour a rap and was completely unnecessary. Additionally, the vocoded vocals he does at the end are so irritating! I do prefer the new effects that were added for this version though; it makes the overly thin production a little more bodied. I also, after my initial reservations, definitely prefer Cassie’s version to the demo recorded by Karina Pasian, I think this is because she has more of a similar light, airy voice to Candice wheras Karina has a much stronger tone. I’m really hoping there are more Clutch tracks for the album and I’m so glad Cassie has added another Clutch single to their growing resume. I’m a massive fan of Cassie as well, I’m so glad my favourite writers worked with her.

I won’t even bother defending her from people who constantly hate on her and then say Rihanna is talented wtf? All I’ll say is these days with the fantastic producers and writers/arrangers and vocal effects we have on offer in R&B music you don’t need to have the voice of Aretha Franklin or Christina Aguilera to have an awesome track, take the song for what it is and don’t let your personal vendettas (jealousy, look at the girl she’s stunning!) get in the way of your opinion of the music itself, which from Cassie has been consistently quality material.

Buy: “Official Girl” (Original Production) (Featuring Lil’ Wayne) @Cassie - Official Girl (feat. Lil Wayne) - Single - Official Girl (feat. Lil Wayne)
Watch: “Official Girl”@Youtube

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