Keri Hilson’s "Return The Favor" (Full!)

OMFG you guys know how long I have been anticipating this, after my moans about no full version leak on my last post on Keri, God must have been listening because today the full version finally leaks! Just as I thought from the preview this is still my favourite leaked track from the album yet, “Mic Check”, “Slow Dance” and “Come Clean” (if it makes the album which I hope it does) all coming very close behind. The beat is generic recent days-Timbaland but in a good way with its thumping drums, futuristic percolating synths . Of course as with most Clutch tracks the arrangement is what’s on show here. I’m thinking this is a Candice track although with her and Keri‘s fantastic arrangements being so similar its hard to tell whether its a collabo or Keri alone. (I imagine Keri co-wrote either way)

The background call outs of “eh eh” sound fantastic and are a prominent part of the track throughout with both Timbo and Keri following it with their own lead vocals and even Timbaland‘s vocals being arranged to perfection, a great hard, offtune compliment to Keri’s soft, intune parts. These are a perfect example of vocals becoming a part of the actual musical scape itself and not just being put infront of it. The strings towards the end of the track and the additional ad-libs and backgrounds give the track a lot more body so the full version was definitely worth waiting for!

Out of all the Timbaland/insert-female-here collabos I think this goes the absolute hardest, yes, even moreso than the awesome “Promiscous” and “The Way I Are”. With this in mind I still don’t understand why “Energy” as catchy and poppy as The Runawayz production and writing is, was chosen instead as the first single to appeal to the mainstream more when Timbaland tracks seem to be the key to a chart hit these days. I mean come on, even the medicore Madonna collabo (the worst track on an otherwise perfect album) “4 Minutes” nearly reached the top of the mainstream charts! Unfortunately this mistake has been illustrated perfectly by the lack of success “Energy” has achieved. 😦 I really am sick of these record companies having fantastic tracks right in front of them and choosing the wrong ones as singles. (*cough cough Usher’s “Here I Stand”)

In more unfortunate news, Keri‘s project has been pushed back once again to October 13th, (GRRRRRR!) I guess due to the bad choice of “Energy” as the first single. I don’t care how many times it gets pushed back, as long as it gets released, us Keri fans have waited long enough for this so we can wait a bit longer! I just hope it does get released as with these leaks of consistently quality material and Keri‘s dedication to creating masterpieces I just know its going to be a fantastic album. I also want to hear what I hope is a few more Clutch tracks with Keri!

Listen: “Return The Favor” @Bluri

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