Ciara’s "Work" & "Echo"

After my absolute disappointment with the leaked tracks so far expressed in my last Ciara post it seems Jive/LaFace were listening because two awesome Danja-produced tracks from the “Fantasy Ride” project just leaked these past few days!

The first “Work”, is what could have been a really great track, with a sexy, pounding beat from Danja and a feature from Missy. However, the writing and arrangement on the track is what really lets it down and prevents it being a banger as the beat suggests. Firstly Missy is used for neither of the things she does best, rapping a hot verse or singing/writing a nice chorus, and appears instead like a Fatman Scoop or Diddy character, annoyingly hollering all over the track, and then shouting the shitty, lazy chorus of “WORK WORK WORK” etc which is a complete waste considering the recent hot verses she spit for Danity Kane and The Pussycat Dolls. The large problem I have with the arrangement and lyrics is that the song doesn’t really go anywhere mostly due to the just-mentioned chorus which should have been replaced by something really catchy, which I know Missy could have done better than whoever wrote this mess. I know this is a club track but that’s no excuse to use lazy choruses like this. I do like parts of the track such as the “walk that walk, show me how to move” bit up until the annoying “WORK” section which destroys any catchiness you got from the track up to then. If they touch up the arrangements and awful lyrics on this one a bit and actually give Missy something to do, this could easily be the club-banger it was intended as because Danja as usual, brought the heat on the beat.

UPDATE: OMG are Jive/LaFace actually reading this blog?! LMAO After my complaints above yesterday, the finalized version of “Work” leaked today. Danja added some more effects and souped up the already awesome beat, they tightened up the vocals and left Missy off cos like I said she had nothing good to do on the track and was just annoying! The track sounds so much better now, who’d have thunk it? Almost a perfect banger, still hate the “WORK WORK WORK” bit though… Jive/LaFace step your game up, release this or “Echo” as a single NOW!

The second track, “Echo” is definitely the leading light of this project up to now and the reason I am now officially excited to hear more. Firstly, my girl Candice is all over it so you knew I was gonna love it from the usual Clutch banger formula of a quirky, speedy arrangement, the damn catchy “hello hello” of the chorus to her actual spoken vocal contributions of “they say Ciara got the hood, Ciara got the ‘burbs”, I’m thinking this is definitely the first leaked Clutch collaboration from the project and after the hotness the group brought on “The Evolution”, they have a lot to surpass but if this track is anything to go by, they’re gonna bring the heat once again! Danja is not to be forgotten on this track either, the beat he brought (as is becoming common for him) is nothing short of banging. As usual he used those synths to full effect, bouncing in and out of the stuttering, clearly Timbo-inspired drum pattern and complimenting those fast-paced lyrics to full effect. The “Night Rider”-sampled horns on the chorus also sound fantastic and its nice to see a producer use a sample cleverly rather than just putting a drum pattern over an already great track and claiming it as their own.

The Clutch and Danja have brought the heat and got me excited as they always seem to do for any project they appear largely on, I just hope Ciara and Jive/LaFace select the right tracks to use for the album as two The-Dream collaborations which also leaked yesterday “Lover’s Thing” and “Keep Dancing”, along with that awful single “Go Girl” and “Walk On It” are way below par for the standard Ciara set on her last, well-conducted album. She gave The Clutch four (fantastic and standout) tracks on the last one so I’m hoping she gives them and Danja a massive portion of this album too. These and “Supernatural” have at least given us some hope for the overly delayed (December now…) project, Jive/LaFace really need to step their game up though.

Listen: “Work” @Bluri
Listen: “Echo”, “Lover’s Thing” & “Keep Dancing” @Tha Carter Cartel

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