Jennifer Hudson’s "Pocketbook"

Oh yes, loving all this hot Candice shit leaking on us! Here’s “Pocketbook”, one us stans have been waiting on for a short minute now and it was definitely worth the wait. Its even said to be the second single.

Candice and Beanz put it down on vocal production and lyrics as usual, Candice can really write these sassy, ball-breaking women lyrics for days, loving the “got my hair in a ponytail and they on me” and “don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook” parts in particular and her and Beanz little vocal contributions throughout sound fantastic. Ludacris as he always seems to, makes his contribution welcome and natural and his verse sounds awesome over the old-school Timbo-inspired beat (its said Beanz produced this alone and they’re just putting Timbo’s name on it for sales…) with its beatboxing and Beanz infamous harmonizing “ooh-waahs”. I don’t even need to mention that Jen‘s vocals are throaty, crystal clear and completely intune as my girl can SANG! We all knew that since American Idol though didn’t we? I hope there’s more hotness like this on the album as I’ve been anticipating it for a while now, don’t disappoint Jen!

Listen: “Pocketbook” @Bluri

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