Keri Hilson’s New Singles

Finally some good news for us Keri stans! It seems Interscope have got their act together a little and decided to release something else from the long overdue project that is “In A Perfect World…” instead of just having it waiting around. Bad news is one of their choices for this new double a-side (which will be released on October 7th to iTunes) is the awful track “Turnin’ Me On”, which as you heard in my previous review, I am not a fan of! The great news is that the other track will be what should have been the first single until it was criminally cancelled, the fantastic “Return The Favor” – yes! I am hoping they don’t go with the rearranged version that is currently playing in snippet form on Keri’s MySpace page which completely removes that catchy “kiss me and I’ll kiss you back” chorus and replaces it with a shitty, spliced up and repetitive one which just says “eh eh eh, I’ll return the favor”! Despite the fact that its so great sounding; simply on a lyrical level, the song has no point without the chorus, which explains why its called return the favor! Regardless, I hope this catchy, Clutch-penned banger at least garners the project the attention and success it deserves after the seeming mainstream failure of the equally catchy “Energy”. I just don’t understand why such a talent as Keri is being overlooked and I hope she reaches the heights of success as a solo artist she deserves. I’m also loving the above covers for the double a-side, a lot more arty and infinitely less tacky than the “Energy” one!

Fellow Clutch member Candice Nelson also recently had another demo leaked much to her stans’ delight in what is apparently a track written for Danity Kane‘s last album “Welcome To The Dollhouse”. (which The Clutch had two tracks placed on) This is definitely my favourite demo from Candice so far, the production by Clutch-associate (Na)Bill Jabr is laid back and melodic, complimenting perfectly Candice’s soft vocals as she, in usual Clutch-strong-female persona demands her man show her the real him with no fuckery! Lord knows why Danity Kane wouldn’t put this on the album as although it was the hotness, this track easily surpasses the boring “Is Anybody Listening” so that for one, should have been replaced and I can imagine this one out of all the DK/Clutch tracks would sound hottest with Dawn’s gorgeous breathy vocals. The fact that Candice did her damn thing on just on the demo and her and Dawn have such similar vocals which can sound fantastic when arranged properly, means I’m even more annoyed this didn’t get placed on the album!

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