Beyoncé’s "If I Were A Boy" & "Single Ladies"

Just thought I would re-post what I just wrote over at Bluri about Beyoncé’s new double A-Side singles:

I like “If I Were A Boy”, at least its something different for her, it has that “Irreplaceable” guitar driven sound but even moreso and better done. (that song irked me to no end)

I am on the other hand SO disappointed with “Single Ladies” it sounds nothing like a Tricky production or Dream arrangement, I was expecting something edgy sounding like Mary J. Blige’s “Mirror” not a “Get Me Bodied” (which I also hated btw) rip off! If anything I thought I would at least prefer the R&B single.
This is not looking good for her album, I was expecting her to bring something hot this time as I don’t think she has yet with her first two albums despite everyone claiming she’s the queen of R&B and all that SHIT… .

I definitely prefer the Toby Gad-produced “If I Were A Boy” by far, which I never 

expected being a hardcore R&B fan and “Single Ladies” (Tricky/The-Dream) is meant to be the R&B radio-serviced joint but I prefer it because its something DIFFERENT. Beyoncé is really not good at setting trends musically, she needs to hook up with some visionaries like Timbo, Danja, Brian Kidd and The Clutch (you knew I’d get them into an unrelated post somehow!) and she might start coming with something that’s not musically redundant like her last two albums have been to me. Even Destiny’s Child’s last album shit all over anything she’s done solo, it gave me a real Neo-Soul/Old Soul vibe on a few tracks. Think outside the box like your sister Beyoncé, please!

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