Keri Hilson’s "Return The Favor" Video Preview

After a really small snippet from the set of Keri‘s latest video was released on her official website, now comes a nice documentary on it explaining the concept, which I like the sound of (“the emergence of Keri the artist”) and giving us a bit more of a taster of what’s in store. Firstly, the album/single version of the track has really grown on me, even though I still prefer those gorgeous Candice arrangements on the original chorus and it as a whole, I love the touched up instrumental and the new chorus is also kind of banging once you get used to it. I really hope this song blows up because I really want to body pop to this one with my girls when we hit the club!

The video, said to be directed by Melina, who directed the last one and who I adore, looks expensive and fucking hot. I loved the emotional video to “Energy” she did but you can’t beat a fun, dancey video for a banger like this and the futuristic element to match The Clutches out-there writing and Timbo’s space age beat was definitely vital. The dance routine in the water and the flashing lights behind look hot and need I say it, Keri is looking FINE as usual. This girl just has everything: brains, looks, vocal ability and fantastic writing to boot, I just don’t understand why she doesn’t catch on after people loved her on Timbo‘s tracks and she made those his most successful in the mainstream. I hope my girl blows up because no one can doubt she deserves it. The music industry is shit right now.
Lord knows what they’re doing about “Turnin’ Me On” but my guess is it won’t have a video and is just a buzz single to accompany the official. If so, good, because the less said about that atrocity of a song and blemish on Keri‘s flawless track record, the better!

“In A Perfect World” is now (apparently, annoyingly etc) going to drop December 9th, I’m guessing after they hope this single blows up. I really hope it does, I need to hear this album, its a close second most wanted after Brandy‘s and us Keri stans have been waiting for it for years.

Download: “Energy” @Keri Hilson - Energy - Single - Energy
Download: “Return The Favor” @Keri Hilson
Download: “Energy” Video @Energy

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