4 thoughts on “New Domain

  1. yo i caught some of your posts on the blur forumdont mind my mind im been drinkinyou r one of the few who actually seems to know their shish when t comes to music lioke my ninja chrisuptown! so i hit up your blog a couple times. good sh!tjust fyi dat link for youre new domiain aint workin correctly. ah sh!t wored vericiation is gonna get me trouble

  2. Hey dude thank you for visiting I appreciate it! Yeah, its annoying, you have to type the whole www. before the site name, try it again and let me know! 😉

  3. no prob bob. I noticed I had to add the WWW from your previous bluri sig.I added the blogspot.com address to my list of followed blogs, is that link still gonna work in the near future or will the new domain need to be bookmarked??

  4. It should still work dude, I link the feed to my FaceBook page and everything still seems to be working okay. 😉

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