Keri Hilson’s "Return The Favor" & "Numba 1" Videos

Well the Keri promotion blitz is going ahead full force which I will definitely credit Interscope with, making a change for lazy no-promoting record labels these days and I hope this means she’s gonna be a success as she deserves to be. If people don’t pick her up after the Clutch banger “Return The Favor” is now released I don’t know what will! The Melina-directed video definitely lives up to the tracks awesomeness and my expectations with its gorgeous futuristic outfits and sets and Keri and Timbo both looking sexy as ever. My only complaint is the dance routine section should have been the main feature of the video and therefore a lot longer and spliced throughout. I also liked the intro with the different Keri videos, even though with everything she’s been in over the past year they could have gone on for ages! The video overall just makes Keri look like the awesome diva she deserves to be and I hope she becomes after this high quality both audibly and visually, she is killing the other R&B chicks!

The second video/single release finds Keri replacing Rihanna (go girl!) on the chorus to Kardinal Offishall’s “Numba 1 (Tide Is High)” which I’m glad of because 1. It gives her more exposure than Rihanna, who doesn’t need any more and 2. she shits on Rihanna’s awful version as Nicole Scherzinger did on her version of the track too. I do like Rihanna don’t get me wrong but on certain tracks her voice can sound atrocious i.e. droney and annoying. It has also just been confirmed that FOX network will be using the track for their fall show season promotional campaign, go Keri and Kardinal!

The video is pretty standard dancehall video fare with Keri and Kardinal on stage performing and shots of the club with some awesome Jamaican dance routines. I’m glad Keri gets a lot of screentime as doesn’t often happen with featured artists although I would have liked to see her get down as the leader of the girl’s dance routine, this girl just doesn’t seem to like dancing in her videos!

Remember, “In A Perfect World…” now drops December 9th, buy “Return The Favor” AND “Numba 1” and let’s get our Keri the success she deserves!

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