Kevin Michael’s "Vocalizer"

Finally after his fantastic debut, we hear something from the underrated Kevin Michael. The track itself is a play on Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” and basically finds Kevin taking the piss out of all the singers who can’t really sing very well and use vocoders on their tracks. Although I love his version of the track and its great to hear his voice over the shit hot “Womanizer” beat I definitely have a strong opinion against what he’s trying to say.

Anyone who know my music tastes knows I always defend the singing no-talents like Cassie, Britney and Rihanna because despite the fact they can’t really sing for shit, as I will agree on, they do put out consistently quality R&B songs. Although he says “T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne are the exception” (why? Neither could sing for shit without their vocoders) the same can’t be said for them, who occasionally have some nice club bangers but more often than not put out steaming piles of uninspired ghetto shit and call it music.
I don’t think anyone should be judged on their vocal standards in music full stop, they should be judged simply on if they put out quality music and as Kevin falls into this category i.e. he doesn’t have a strong vocal at all but always puts out quality R&B/Neo-Soul I think he needs to STFU on this issue quite frankly! Can’t wait for the next album though dude!
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2 thoughts on “Kevin Michael’s "Vocalizer"

  1. yay for crappy singers like Cassie!“My House” x “Nobody But You” x “Turn the Lights Off” x “In Love with the DJ” for the win!!

  2. Hey Zo, thanks as always for the comments! 😉 Strangely those tracks are far from my favourites of Cassie’s material but all are still hot, she’s a really consistent artist in my opinion and her debut was banger after banger. People can diss her vocals all they want but people with much better voices like Beyonce don’t put material with half the quality as hers is out…Hope her album gets a release, The Clutch did their thing as always on “Official Girl” and the video was HOT but it didn’t take off…:( Apparently she’s working with Darkchild and The Neptunes now, man Diddy pulled out all the stops for my girl! I think she’ll sound hot over a Neptunes beat because they’re so similar to Ryan Leslie, I hope she’s not completely removed him from this album though…

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