Money’s "Future"

Well, this has been one of my most-wanted-to-leak tracks since I heard the snippet she posted on MySpace months ago and finally yesterday homegirl posted the full version! Although we basically get what we heard from the snippet but longer like we did when “Return The Favor” finally leaked, as a music stan the full version was definitely worth waiting for. I know from “Fantasy” that like Brandy, girl kills her background vocals and yet again on this one they are on point. I just love everything about Money, from her arrangements, her image and her fantastically unique voice, I really hope she gets her shine or at least gets a release from the notoriously shit Blackground. Everyone seemed to love “Fantasy” so hopefully that will work in her favour. That track still stands as one of the most bumped songs on my iTunes, its just R&B perfection with Candice’s awesome writing, Money’s arrangements and Walter Millsap’s fantastic futuristic production style (which seems to be his thing right now unless its just for Money’s whole ‘futuristic’ vibe) that track was banging! The snippets posted at her MySpace also sounded amazing, each one bringing something different and her vocals sounding equally diverse.

Along with the track, she also posted a blog message explaining that her project had been going through some things with a big label change and now hopefully everything is back on track. Let’s hope for mine and other good music lovers sakes that year 2009 is the year for Money, bring on “Unlady Like”!

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