Brandy’s "Long Distance" Video Preview / Brandy News

Here’s some pics from the set of the video to Brandy‘s new single “Long Distance”. No word on the concept of the Chris Robinson-directed video but she looks gorgeous as usual (weave game on point yet again!) and seen as he directed the fantastic “Official Girl” video I’m expecting big things. One thing can be said and that is that Epic definitely aren’t skimping on the budget for this album, which is a good thing considering the cheap promotion some labels are doing for their artists recently. Little X and Chris Robinson for your first two videos is not bad going seen as they must have expensive budgets. The track has grown on me considerably but still as a single, she should have gone with something the clubs can bump. “Right Here (Departed)” was a good first single choice imo, it has that timeless ballad sound but like I’ve said before unless you’re Leona Lewis, two ballads in a row isn’t good logic, hell, even Leona‘s switched up the tempo releasing “Forgive Me” as her third single so hopefully Brandy/Epic will follow suit.

On the line of promotion and the first single, last week Brandy performed current single “Right Here (Departed)” in a particularly fantastic live rendition on TRL/MTV2. She switched up the key a little bit in parts and added some backing vocalists, which made this more than your run-of-the-mill live performance. Check it out below:

Flawless. This is a massive FU to anyone who still maintains my girl doesn’t have vocal chops. The Game recently added a verse to the track, which you can listen to below:
It really wasn’t needed as most rap versions aren’t and they could have made the effort to actually get someone on to remix the track or even added him to one of the already existing decent remixes like the Moto Blanco one. Jay-Z actually sounded fantastic over the Freemasons Remix to Beyonce’s “Deja Vu” so it could work. Hopefully the rap verse will get the track more play at urban radio though. Check out the hot Moto Blanco Radio Edit below:
The tracklist and producer line-up (although not for specific tracks) was also just released for my most anticipated album this year “Human”
01 Human Intro
… [Toby Gad or DarkChild probably]
02 The Definition
Cri$tyle, DarkChild
03 Warm It Up [With Love]

04 Right Here [Departed]
The Writing Camp, DarkChild
05 Piano Man

06 Long Distance Interlude
…, DarkChild
07 Long Distance
…, Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, DarkChild
08 Camouflage
Claude Kelly, DarkChild
09 Torn Down
James Fauntleroy, Dapo Torimiro, Midi Mafia
10 Human
Brandy, Esthero, Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad
11 Shattered Heart

12 True
Claude Kelly, RedOne
13 A Capella [Something’s Missing]
Tiyon ‘TC’ Mack, …
14 1st & Love
…, Hit-Boy [Brian Kennedy, Chase N. Cashe?]
15 Fall
Brandy, Natasha Bedingfield, … [Cri$tyle, DarkChild?]

Along with the crazy fact that there will be no “Porcelain Doll” on the album which is one of the best tracks of her career imo, there is also apparently no Clutch OR Candice on the album which I am extremely upset about as Candice showed Brandy is her absolute muse with the fantastic tracks they did together on “Afrodisiac”, all I can hope is that The Clutch get on a re-release as I’ve been dying to hear a Brandy/Clutch banger!
On a final (and most important to me) note in this Brandy-packed post, my friend J. Boogie over at The TCC, recently attended a Chris Cornell concert in Seattle where they played a clip from Brandy‘s “Drum Life”. Yes, that means Brandy has indeed recorded at least this Timbo track, exciting or what!? I’m hoping the rumours are true that she will
be including these Timbo/James Fauntleroy tracks on a re-release or for “Shock Value II“, I can’t wait to hear her rendition of the fantastic “Home”, which was the other JF demo track she was said to be recording in our post a few weeks back.
The album is still set to drop on December 9th but for once, I wouldn’t mind a pushback on this one if they wanted to add the Timbo/JF & Clutch tracks. 😉 Brandy’s back!!!
Download the Brandy – “Right Here (Departed)” Maxi CD over at The FORUM >>

3 thoughts on “Brandy’s "Long Distance" Video Preview / Brandy News

  1. Personally, I prefer the "Departed" remix with Fonzworth Bentley's rap verses on it cuz I'm really feelin his whole stylebut that's just meSo Brandy recorded "Drum Life" and "Home" yet neither are nowhere to be found on this QUITE short tracklisting (counting the interludes)???How does this make sense…no "List" either??and yeah, some Danja & The Clutch work would've been nice.Speaking of which, I'm planning to write an entry about 1 of the Clutch members pretty soon, although it seems there isn't much you already don't know about them hahabut I figured you might be interested in it nonetheless_

  2. hey zo thanks as always for the comments. I know the tracklisting is ridiculous I can almost guarantee “porcelain doll” will be a better track than most of the tracks chosen it’s a joke. Like I say we can only hope for a rerelease of some bonus tracks. Even after the flood is awesome and wasn’t included so bran bran better have chosen some fire to justify not including all these hot tracks!Ooh which member are you a particular fan of then?

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