Britney/Clutch Collabo Update

FANTASTIC news for us Clutch stans. The Clutch tracks I thought we may never hear, recorded for Britney’s latest album “Circus” will both be used as bonus tracks! YES!!! “Phonography” will be a European bonus while “Trouble” will be an iTunes exclusive. Both tracks excitingly hook the four most active Clutch members back up with Bloodshy & Avant, who also produced the fantastic Clutch tracks on “Blackout”: “Radar” and “Freakshow” and considering how amazing these were, I can’t WAIT to hear these new ones!

Still hope we get to hear the ones she did with Keri too, I can’t believe she didn’t use at least one after the hotness that was “Gimme More” and “Break The Ice”. Artists and their album track choices frustrate the shit out of me…
BTW listen to the fantastic Writing Camp demo performed by Victoria “Lady V” Horn, who has now left the group as a threesome (“Kidd”, “DQ” and “E. Nuri” remain) and produced by Bloodshy & Avant, I don’t know who it is/was for, but its FIRE! These guys are fast climbing my list of favourite writers.
Download @ The FORUM >>

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