Britney "Circus" Track Clips

Almost the full Britney album (well the whole if you discount bonus tracks) has leaked in clip form, and it sounds SHIT HOT! These clips have reignited my interest after the disappointment of that fake producer/writer list. Here’s a little breakdown of the tracks:

02. The next single “Circus” (Claude Kelly/Dr. Luke/Benny Blanco) sounds catchy as hell and very R&B/electro for a Dr. Luke production, as I was expecting some P!nk “So What” shit! (I hate that song so much…)

03. She sounds amazing singing the slow track “Out From Under” (Guy Sigsworth/Shelly Peiken/Wayne Hector/Arnthor Birgisson) we previously heard “Joanna” sing, although “Everytime” is gonna remain her best slow, slow song imo.
05. “Shattered Glass” (Claude Kelly/ Dr. Luke/Benny Blanco) reminds me of her back in the “Oops” days with her Max Martin tracks which I love because she’s not been on that sound for years and I miss it despite the hotness of her new pop-R&B sound.
06. Speaking of Max, “If U Seek Amy” (Martin/Kotecha/Kronlund/Shellback) is their reunion after quite a few years apart and finds them exploring a completely new sound together (“Shattered Glass” actually sounds more like their old stuff than this does!) with a thumping techno beat and some nice BGV arrangements. I can’t wait to find out the concept of this song too, it sounds fly as hell just from the title.
07. “Unusual You” (B&A/Henrik Jonback/Kasia Livingston) as the only Bloodshy and Avant (main) album track was one of my most anticipated tracks and doesn’t disappoint. It finds them on one of their rare downtempo (but still techno) tips which shows their versatility because its hot as hell, the concept and arrangements (I assume because of Kasia but Jonback can be a bit cheesy at times too!) are cheesy as anything but I love them, I can do a bit of cheese if its backed up by a good beat and fits in with the track overall!
08. Although definitely too short to judge yet (why did this have to be the shortest damn clip?!) the unfortunately second and final Danja production on this go-round “Blur” (Hills/Marcella/Barthe) finds him unusually on a downtempo tip too but as usual he kills it with some nice hard drums and synths. The title and how it fits into the chorus sounds great too so I hopefully won’t be disappointed by this new (?) writer Stacey Barthe when they could have put Keri or Beanz on this for a guaranteed hit. 😦
09. “Mmm Papi” (Gough/Morier/Kerr/Spears/Walter) is weird as fuck as expected from Nicole Morier (take a look at her MySpace!) and is probably gonna be one of my only least favourite songs. It definitely doesn’t sound as good as what Nicole provided for “Blackout” (“Heaven On Earth”) which was a pretty funky and catchy techno rave track but I guess I have to hear the whole track first…
10. “Mannequin” (Fauntleroy/Knox/Mason Jr.) is that hot banger that Britney and her dancers were getting down to in that video clip a while back that everyone thought was produced by Danja and indeed it does sound like a Danja track with its stuttering drums and weird synths even now we know its actually produced by Rob Knox and Harvey Mason, Jr. Rob Knox is becoming one of my producers to watch now and the production sounds banging regardless of comparison. Putting James Fauntleroy on there (who’s already moved into my top 5 writers just for “Home” and “Drum Life”) means this will be a fucking hot track no doubt, the title alone is intriguing already but I’m sure James’ interpretation of it will be fantastic when we get the full song lyrics. This is definitely one I’m most looking forward to in full.
11. You can definitely hear my girl Tawanna “Frankie Storm” Dabney’s pop-R&B stylings on the funk-influenced “Lace and Leather” (Dr. Luke/Dabney/Levin/Jackson) which interestingly finds Claude Kelly making his production debut alongside veteran Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. The background vocals from Debbie Nova (who I only know from Sean Paul’s “International Affair” but I loved her on that track) should be hot too.
12. “My Baby” (Guy Sigsworth & Britney) is the most downtempo track of the album and really doesn’t shine like the other tracks. I wouldn’t mind if it was a downtempo like one of her old catchy tracks “Born To Make You Happy” or “Lucky” but it sounds a bit unstructured and flat. Again, I’ll wait for the full to diss it!
13. “Radar” (Winnberg/Karlsson/Nelson/Lewis/Muhammad/Smith) doesn’t seem to have any new production as promised but I’m glad it gets a second chance to shine as it criminally didn’t get a single release (promo release yeah, but nothing else) even as the best track by far on the hotness that was “Blackout”. The fact its been on two albums just shows Brit has taste and appreciates the genius of one of The Clutches finest moments! I hope this still qualifies it for a single release, cos I need to see a video and dance routine for this track STAT!

Bonus Tracks:
00. “Rock Me In”
(Kurstin/Morier) sounds like a Kylie track with its funky beeps, drums and guitars not surprisingly since it was produced by the same guy, Greg Kurstin, who produced the awesome single “Wow” for Minogue’s last album. Nicole Morier is the writer on this one though and it doesn’t sound like she’s got the same addictive pop sensibilities veteran writers Kylie and Karen Poole do just yet but she’s a new writer (?) so I’ll give her a chance, it does sound catchy as hell.

00. AGGGHHGHGHGHG! Its the first of the Clutch/B&A tracks I told you about a couple posts ago “Phonography” (Winnberg/Karlsson/Nelson/Lewis/Muhammad/Smith) and it sounds (as expected!) fucking BANGING! We even got a little bit of Ezekiel and Candice vocals in this snippet I think! I can’t wait for the full of this, as usual for The Clutch (not just cos I’m biased, but because they always bring that hot, next level shit) I think this is gonna be my favourite track from this era, but lets wait for “Trouble” and see if thats even better!

Just the full tracks plus “Amnesia” (Lady GaGa & Fernando Garibay, should be hot) and “Trouble” (B&A + The Clutch – I’ll say no more!) to come out now!

Although I say The Clutch tracks are gonna be my favourites, its probably gonna be literally by a margin because all in all, this album sounds like its gonna be as good as, if not better than, “Blackout”. I can’t believe I’m saying that because “Blackout” was my shit but it sounds like Britney is totally on her a-game this time around, ain’t no one even messing with her. The fact that this album is about 7 tracks longer (“Blackout” was way too short) and she’s gonna be back to performing and proper videos (which aside from “Piece Of Me” and though I loved the anime of “Break The Ice”, “Blackout” lacked) just makes December 2nd and beyond all the more exciting, I can’t WAIT! Its Britney bitch!

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