Keri Hilson’s "Turnin’ Me On" Video (Official PR) Preview

Okay so I’ll eat my words, the video, which we now know is being directed by Erik White (Danity Kane’s bad ass “Bad Girl” video) does look pretty damn hot, I just hope they’re not keeping those white screens and they’re just for some CGI backgrounds because that would look shit! The dancing looks amazing, some of the scenes look funny as hell (Keri throwing her drink over dude and putting that mound of dollar bills on the bar) and the track and video are just fun overall. I still hate the shit out of it simply because of that stupid voice distortion when Keri has such a beautiful voice but I love some of Keri’s vocal arrangements on it, shame they were wasted on such a wack beat. I can definitely see myself getting more into the track when the video drops (as happens with some tracks) though and I wouldn’t mind dancing to this in the club.

In addition to some of the bits of the actual music video, there are some hilarious/tragic candid moments in this little preview:

Firstly, fuck knows what Polow is talking about (don’t think he does tbh) of course the concept of the song (as wack and basic as the beat itself is, thanks Polow…) fits in with the theme of womanhood on the album, its one of the most occurring situations for a modern woman who goes out and enjoys herself, some dickhead thinking he fly and spoiling her night, I’ve seen the event with my girls many a time!
Second, Rich Boy had me LMAO, boy lay off that crack! Keri isn’t a “housewife”, she’s an independent woman making more moves in the music industry than you can ever dream of!

Third, did you hear Keri’s nervous laugh when Lil’ Wayne (again, crack is wack) was like “other artists don’t send me your demos you don’t look like her” damn, she must be pissed just from this shoot with all these idiots just basing everything on her looks, now we see why he got on Cassie’s “Official Girl”! Listen to her writing you moron, maybe you could learn a few things…
What’s most hilarious and ironic is that the track is about idiots like these three goons!
Phew, stan rant over I promise! I’ma need “Return The Favor” and its gorgeous Melina-directed video to make some moves before she gets this next single out though, The Clutch didn’t write a banger and Melina didn’t direct such an amazing video for nothing, get fucking promoting Keri!!!

2 thoughts on “Keri Hilson’s "Turnin’ Me On" Video (Official PR) Preview

  1. oh Luke,ya hatin @$$ b!tchhaha in Rich Boy’s defense,when he called her a “housewife”I think he meant it in the sense that she’s the opposite of a”HO”that she’s the marriage/relationship type,rather than the 1 night standand did not mean it in the sense that she needs to be staying home all day…_

  2. Ha ha I’m a hater but at least I justify my hate well! 😛 I don’t think Rich Boy knew WTF he was talking about in his defence, crack is wack kids, look what it does to your brain, speech and looks!

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