Beyonce’s "Diva" Single Change

Interspersed are shots of Beyonce looking fly on the set of her next “Sasha Fierce” single “Diva”. The single change (it was originally “Ego) is clearly down to the fact that people who bought the standard edition of the album won’t be able to have “Ego” unless they buy the single, as its only on the deluxe. I say fuck them! The deluxe edition is a couple of quid more, its worth it for the extra tracks and the fierce (no pun intended) extra pics in the booklet so just buy it! My only qualm with it is I hate the cover and would have rather had the standard edition one. I’m not a big enough stan for Beyonce to buy both though. (unlike Leona, who’s album I have in 4 different forms now! :S)

Standard bitter rant aside, I love “Diva”. Even though its Sean Garrett solely on writing, who I hate, I love the attitude of the lyrics and some of the (clearly Candice inspired Razz) arrangements in the background at points, which really contrast well with the heavy-ass rap production from Shondrae “Bangladesh”. Either way, its a much better track than “Ego”, which considering it was BlacElvis and Harold Lilly and I really wanted it to be hot, was an absolute letdown. I’m looking forward to the video for this one much more.

The other single, from the “I Am” side of the album, will remain the gorgeous Ryan Tedder/Evan “Kidd” joint “Halo”, which although I would have loved to see as Leona’s sophomore album’s first single, is a fantastic track either way.

I can’t wait for the re-release too, last time Beyonce brought the heat with the videos and some of the fantastic upbeat tracks like “Sweet Dreams” and “Video Phone” are dying to have visual incarnations. Hopefully she’ll record some new hot tracks too because overall and aside from some fantastic tracks this 2-disc (and this seperation is part of the problem) third album lacked the cohesion and standard of the “B’Day” deluxe edition, which felt a lot more complete than its original form. Hopefully the re-release will be the “complete version” of this album too.

On a final note, girl recently moved up to No. 1 and knocked off that shit X-Factor finalist track on the UK singles chart with the dope “If I Were A Boy”, go her!

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