Bayje’s "Find A Way" Video

Just a quick one to express how ashamed I am I didn’t post this up a couple of weeks ago when it dropped and give my girl some exposure! Above is the video for Atlantic artist Bayje’s first single “Find A Way”, which was produced by Stargate and written by Atozzio Townes. Although I would have preferred one of the dope couple of Clutch tracks that leaked “Problem” and “Jealous of Your Whip” to be a single instead (when don’t I guys? :D) the track is cool and her gorgeous vocals really save it from being another mediocre track both production wise for Stargate and lyric/arrangement wise from Atozzio. I just love this girl’s chops, the way she threw it down vocally on “Problem” and “Impossible” (the banging Danja/Makeba from “Step Up: The Streets” soundtrack) made me fall in love with her instantly and now I’m dying to hear more from her. I really hope she does well and we at least get to hear the other Clutch tracks she’s recorded, as she seems to be a bit of a protege of them. (they’ve done at least 7 tracks for her which I hope all make the album, if it gets a release :() The video is cute too, reminds me a bit of Karina Pasian’s “16 @ War” video, I wonder if homegirl’s life’s really like that? I hope not, poor Bayje! Her album, tentatively titled “Curious”, currently has no release date, come on Atlantic, step our game up for this talented girl!

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