Random Track Of The Week: Truth Hurts – "Ready Now"

This week’s feature is the title track from Truth Hurts little known but excellent sophomore album “Ready Now”. The album found her stepping completely into the Neo-Soul sound she had hinted at on her equally fantastic but more mainstream-geared debut. I chose this particular track from a difficult choice as a fantastic album for its simplicity in its production by Kelvin Wooten (co-produced by common collaborator Raphael Saadiq) of an electro-influenced banging beat and haunting piano loop under Truth Hurts sexy vocals and sexually proclaiming lyrics, written and arranged alongside Taura “Aura” Jackson. If you haven’t checked out this album, I highly reccommend it. Its a shame Truth didn’t get another chance and the success she deserved because she was a talented vocalist and songwriter.

Written By Shari “Truth Hurts” Watson, Taura “Aura” Jackson, Kelvin Wooten & Raphael Saadiq
Produced By Kelvin Wooten
Co-Production, Vocal Production/Arrangement & Background Vocals By Raphael Saadiq
Vocal Production/Arrangement By Shari “Truth Hurts” Watson

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5 thoughts on “Random Track Of The Week: Truth Hurts – "Ready Now"

  1. Aura!I love her song “Crazy” produced by Kanye, featuring The Clipsealthough only a snippet has been out all these years_

  2. Wow, I never even heard that! I guess that was for her “European Only album distributed by BMG” she was talking about in the Wendy Williams Interview? Could you post it up on the forum please dude? ;D

  3. Wow…I knew her album was shelved in U.S. but I had no idea it was put out in Europeuhhh lUKe my UK connect…your mission is to find the albumthen post itthis comment will self-destruct in321_

  4. No, to clarify, it never was released over here sadly. 😦 She just said it would be in that Wendy interview, I guess it got shelved. Do you have any other tracks that weren’t on her only albums? If so could you post them at the forum? It would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  5. I love Truth Hurts and I love this album. One of my overseas friends actually put me onto this album. It is easily one of my favs!

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