Brandy’s "Long Distance" Video / Brandy Interviews

Yep its about that time from the Brandy stan, another megapost y’all! 😉

What a beautiful video, simple and understated just like the song. I loved the part where the colour starts splashing on everything with the rain but it should have been brought in nearer the start of the track, maybe when the drum line came in. Brandy looks gorgeous, she looked particularly good with the straight hair tied back in the wallpapered room. Definitely a successful video from director Chris Robinson. Damn, B-Rocka never ages, this could easily be her 10 years ago!

I hope the song does well chartwise and awardwise, even though it undoubtedly will critically as such a fantastic track. Both this and “Right Here (Departed)” are such good tracks because they have great pop sensibilities to appeal to the masses so I hope they move units. If they were released here in the UK I’d definitely have my copy by now. Hopefully they’ll get some shine over here like J. Hud’s “Spotlight” and Jordin Sparks’ “No Air” eventually did, we’re always late to chart some tracks months after they’ve been out on the net and in the US!

Brandy’s also done a couple of interesting interviews recently, she’s been doing bigger press, (kudos to Epic on that) appearing on Tyra and stuff but I’ll let you search YouTube yourself for those! 😛 I’m just here to dish the music stans’ delights! Firstly we have her interview with, which you can read HERE. Damn, I hope she goes on tour, I’d pay top dollar to see my girl and she hasn’t been on one for over 10 years! She really seems to know what the fans want, performing the old school songs, another collabo with Monica and that we know about that gorgeous, unique voice of hers. And she spoke about LaShawn Daniels, who I still maintain is responsible for how well Bran arranges her voice, from “Never Say Never” onwards she killed it on her arrangements. Hopefully he did vocal production for most of the album (or at least the Darkchild tracks and Brian Kennedy’s “Fall” which he co-wrote) I’m hoping they’ve had the decency to list it in the booklet when I finally receive my copy from Amazon because sometimes they don’t, as criminal as it is when vocal production/arrangement can be such an important thing just as much as writers and producers. (EG. Britney’s “Circus” booklet doesn’t credit Jim Beanz for his vocal production on “Womanizer”) I didn’t think “Long Distance” was based on her daughter, but I guess that’s her stance on it. She should have done the interlude as a conversation with her daughter if that’s the case, but I guess the record company wanted it to be about a boyfriend…

Things someone still needs to ask her:

1. What about working with Timbo, what’s happening to the tracks?
2. What’s happened to working with Candice/The Clutch? We saw Walter on the “Right Here” performance so are you still in contact with Candice too?
3. Why did you leave off “Porcelain Doll”?!

The other interesting interview (to me) is a little Press Kit Brandy and Darkchild recorded recently concerning the album and their musical reunion:

I’m glad they know that everyone wanted them back together, especially after my favourite Brandy album, the insane “Full Moon”, that album was just on a whole other level: absolute musical and vocal perfection. Keep up the promotion Brandy and Epic and I hope y’all have got your copies of another legendary quality album from Brandy: “Human”!

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