Wicked Performance: Blue Tones – "Long Gone"

Listen to this performance of The Chris Cornell/Timbo/Clutch track “Long Gone” my friend J over at The TCC just posted:

Now that’s arranging, Brandy-style! Dope! I also forgot to post some fantastic news on the Chris Cornell album, if it EVER gets released. The Clutch, whose tracks with him “Long Gone”, “Part Of Me” and “Never Far Away” have already been released and are absolute fire, will be appearing on THREE more tracks – “Time”, “Enemy” and “Love Comes Down” woo! “Love Comes Down” isn’t on the album tracklisting so hopefully it will be a bonus track. There’s also an additional version of “Long Gone” listed on ASCAP with Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon listed so hopefully we’ll get to hear this alternate and see what extra he brought to the track. (or vice versa if we already have his version!) With other writing credits said to be from Justin Timberlake and Ryan Tedder, and we’ve already heard those fantastic Jim Beanz tracks, this project is gonna be hot!

One thought on “Wicked Performance: Blue Tones – "Long Gone"

  1. How the heck did this group already…”know” of the track to even practice and perform it???I mean, I know EVERYBODY is connected to the net and can hear/download any song but…it just seems so hard to believe… surprising that I’m actually seeing it and if that’s the story of what happened…_

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