Brandy BET Live Special: "Just Human" / Speaks On Timbo / Final Version Of "Drum Life"

Yes its another Brandy megapost y’all! Last night BET aired a special dedicated to Brandy (loving the massive promo from Epic for my girl!) where she performed “What About Us?”, “Full Moon”, “Long Distance”, “Almost Doesn’t Count” and closed with her stomping live rendition of “Right Here (Departed)”

She really brings the heat with her live performances, and another massive STFU to anyone who questions this girls vocal talent. I love how she switches up the arrangements on the two “Human” tracks and gives them a truly live, big band feel. And I loved how she threw down and got her dance on throughout, girl loves to dance! She really seems to be enjoying her time back in the spotlight and we’re glad to have her back! She also performed the two latest singles on CBS and Tyra recently, dunno what’s happening about that Oprah appearance though. I’m glad Epic are getting their promotion game on point and I hope they keep it up for the duration of the album’s (hopefully) next few singles as record companies so rarely do. Brandy is set to sell up to 80k and enter the Top 10 albums in this first week of “Human”‘s release and although its not half a mill like Beyonce, Brandy is more of a cult artist now, for true music lovers, so these numbers are no mean feat in today’s ice cold music buying climate. Hopefully sales will be steady over the next few weeks and at least give her Gold status to reward the hard work that clearly went into this gorgeous album and keep her recording for years to come.

In other Brandy news she also recently spoke to Rap-Up concerning why the Timbaland collabos (“Drum Life”, “Home” and “Believer” are the ones we know as yet) she recorded didn’t appear on “Human”. Here’s what she had to say in the ridiculously short snippets Rap-Up gave us:

On why Timbaland didn’t make the album:
“One of the reasons why is because it’s hard to get Timbaland’s voice on records, and we really wanted his voice to be on the records. It’s not that they’re not good, it’s just that we couldn’t work it out where he could actually be on the album.”

On working with Timbaland in the future:
“I think I’m gonna work with Timbaland again heavy for my next album. He’s one of the most talented producers, I think, to ever exist. I would love to do an album with him and Rodney together, like they actually executive produce it together. That would be a dream of mine.”

Squashing any said beef between Darkchild and Timbaland:
“Timbaland is one of Rodney’s favorite producers and Rodney is one of Timbaland’s favorite producers.”

Well that’s a stupid reason, “Drum Life” and “Home” are hot as hell tracks, I can see why they didn’t appear on “Human” because they didn’t fit in with the whole concept and sound of the album but why didn’t she just say that? No one cares if Timbo’s voice is on the track as long as we get to hear Brandy’s gorgeous one over a Timbo beat! However, exciting prospect that she wants Timbo to be on the next project heavily. I think the next record is gonna be more of a fun one and she just needed to do “Human” to get all that emotion out of her. Its a fantastic album regardless. Hopefully she’ll divulge more in the full interview appearing in Rap-Up’s Winter issue.
Speaking of “Drum Life”, Timbaland’s DJ, Freestyle Steve recently leaked the final cut of the track on his MySpace, which you can hear below:
Although I prefer the original because of James Fauntleroy’s added vocals and (for once, because I love Brandy’s background arrangements) I preferred the track with no BGVs, its nice to hear an alternate version. It was perfection already so they didn’t need to edit it at all but either way its nice to hear the demo versions of songs these days because I also preferred the earlier versions of “1st & Love” and “Fall” to the ones that made the album. Here’s hoping “Drum Life” appears on “Shock Value II” along with “Home” and “Believer”. I can’t wait to hear “Home” much longer, Brandy is gonna sound dope on it! 😀

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