Random Track Of The Week: Monica – "All Eyez On Me"

After a few weeks hiatus (sorry it was the holidays!) RTOTW is back! This week its Monica’s initial lead single from her intitial comeback album of the same name. The track was released as a single and even had its own video but J decided to completely scrap that album (save a few tracks) and re-release it as “After The Storm” with the much more successful lead single “So Gone”. Unfortunately it seems no one but us Monica stans know about this awesome track. Me and my sister used to bump the streaming video all the time before we knew about downloading mp3s, its just such a fun, fresh summer jam and will bring back memories for me everytime I listen to it. This was within the time period Darkchild was still producing bangers until he and Fred stopped working together around 2003/4 and his productions turned (mostly) to absolute shit!

The track is based on a sample (bit of the funk guitar and vocals) of MJ’s “PYT”, I guess inspired by the fact Rodney had recently featured heavily on the production of Michael’s awesome, underrated comeback album “Invincible”, released the year before in 2001. The production contains some of Darkchild’s infamous, gorgeous strings on the bridge and some fantastic vocals from Monica, check out when she’s on fire at 2:33!
Written By Monica Arnold, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III & LaShawn Daniels
Produced By Rodney “DARKCHILD” Jerkins
Samples “PYT” performed by Michael Jackson

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