The Pussycat Dolls’: "Bottle Pop" Video Preview

Here’s a few shots of my girl Nicole Scherzinger to quote “Whatchamacallit” ‘getting her pretty on’ on the set of the Dolls’ new single “Bottle Pop”. Damn, thats four singles already, Interscope stay on their grind for these girls, I wish other record companies would take note and keep up promotion for their artists! *cough cough Epic/Brandy. This has me interested for the video, seen as the makeup/hair is more out-there than their previous 3 videos from this album, as usual Nicole looks stunning and if there’s one thing the other Dolls can do, even though I think they can all sing hearing their solo tracks on the bonus disc of “Doll Domination”, its throwdown and dance. They have yet to make a really great music video IMO though (“I Hate This Part” [Joseph Kahn] is probably my favourite as yet, with its beautiful imagery) so I hope this is the one, still no word on the director, I’m hoping for Melina, I LOVE that girls’ videos!

The track itself, despite being written by the ever shitty Sean Garrett, did grow on me after a few listens of the album, however, I’m very pissed they still haven’t released any of the much better Clutch tracks, which are both some of Nicole’s and The Clutches best work to date and are all so radio friendly. I will be really annoyed if we don’t get at least one Clutch single from this album…

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