Ciara’s "Never Ever" Video Preview

Sorry if this blog is turning into “Ciara-World” ATM but I stan for the girl so its only fair I promote her here! Here’s a couple of shots from the set of the new Chris Robinson-directed video. I love the hair on her and Cassie’s “Official Girl” video was absolutely dope so I hope Chris Robinson doesn’t disappoint with this one. Jeezy looks much better with the facial hair but WTF is he doing with that money in his cap? He looks like such a twat!!
*rant of hate begins*
I’m still really annoyed at Ciara for releasing such a mediocre slow track when she should be releasing either funky, sexy slow jam numbers like “Promise” or the upbeat dance tracks she’s best at and can do hot videos/dance routines to like “Echo” or “Work”. Her voice really isn’t good enough for slushy shit like this and that Blue Notes sample is just so cringeworthy! Plus, Jeezy sounds like he smoked too much bud on his “rap” WTF is up with his voice? He sounds retarded as hell!
*rant of hate ends*

Oh, and I’m bumping “Role Call” like mad ATM, I love the track, but I’m so annoyed Lil’ Jon and Wayne are so prominent on it, they should have been given smaller rap sections if any at all, they are possibly the two most annoying people she could have put on a track with her… I LMAO every time at Lil’ Jon’s line “big ol’ titties big ol’ butt, that’s what I want, let me cut you up”, he’s just so subtle!

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