Bayje’s "No Happy Ending" Video

Looks like someone filmed the video for Bayje’s new single “No Happy Ending” right there in the production studio! The track is apparently produced by Bryan Michael Cox and written by Ne-Yo which would be, unless my memory fails me, the guys first track together. Her vocals as always are flawless, and she looks stunning but the track is nowhere near as catchy as “Find A Way” [which is weird for me to say, seen as I love B. Cox and Ne-Yo yet don’t rate Atozzio much, but he did a great job on that track] and I wonder why they’re already filming a new video and releasing a new single when “Find A Way” surely hasn’t had the promotion it and Bayje deserve as such a fantastic track and artist. The video itself also looks cheap as hell, like Mercury just couldn’t be bothered giving her a budget so she had to film the damn thing herself. I really hope this is an unofficial thing she decided to do for fun…

I’m worried for Bayje’s future seen as Mercury are doing such a shitty job of getting her name out there and getting her single airplay, video airplay and an official release despite her having such a marketable sound and image. I really hope she at least gets to release an album like Tiffany Evans and Karina Pasian did, despite their subsequent low sales. She has a fantastic voice, I really dig her image and I really want to hear the rest of those Clutch track she recorded seen as “Jealous Of Your Whip” and “Problem” were SO dope! The album, tenatively titled “Curious”, has found Bayje also recording tracks with/by Tricky & The-Dream w/Traci Hale & Esther Dean, (“Missing You”) Big Drawers (“Get Ya Dance On Tonight”) and Needlz w/Traci Hale & Esther Dean probably among MANY others and is apparently set for release this year so let’s keep our finger’s crossed for my girl!

Download the track in our FORUM now!

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