Britney Spears – "If U Seek Amy" (Radio Edit) [Max Martin/Savan Kotecha/Kronlund/Shellback]

It seems Britney’s choice of next single isn’t going to be exactly straight forward, which is hardly surprising seen as the lyrics inadvertently chant “all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to FUCK me”! Come on, Britney you must have known those parents weren’t gonna like hearing their little Johnny or Jenny singing along to that! However, I am glad she chose a Max Martin track as her next single seen as they have such great history together with tracks like “Stronger”, “Oops…” and “Baby One More Time” (even though “Shattered Glass” by Dr. Luke/Benny Blanco/Claude Kelly actually sounds like more like one Brit/Max’s old works) and the censored version doesn’t exactly remove the double entendre for those clever enough [lol] to work it out.

The track is catchy as hell and has more of a rock/electro vibe to it, which shows a bit of welcome diversity in Jive/Britney’s single choices seen as her first two singles and last load from “Blackout” have all been R&B bangers. Not that I’m complaining as a massive R&B follower but I love the fact Britney is such an experienced artist that she can switch genres just like that and still sound awesome. I’m hoping at least half this album gets released seen as every track (perhaps minus “My Baby”) is hot shit single material. I also can’t wait to see videos to the tracks, seen as Britney always gives us fantastic ones every single.

It has also been reported recently that Britney doesn’t want to go ahead with her upcoming “Circus” tour because of the pressures she’s facing from both her controlling father and her moneygrabbing ex tosser husband Kevin Federline. The USA gossip magazine The National Enquirer reports that Kevin is putting pressure on her to go ahead with it ‘to secure their children’s financial futures’. What a moron, he doesn’t give a shit about the children, all he cares about is his own pockets and expects Britney to dance her arse off on tour to line them, what a fucking creep! However, she needs to sort this ish out soon seen as me and my girls are going to see her at the O2 Arena in London in June and we are not missing seeing Brit perform!

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