Ciara – "Don’t Remember" [Polow Da Don, Ne-Yo]

Wow this is really different from the other material thats leaked from the album up to now. Its pretty good and I like the concept although its unfortunate for Ne-Yo that Britney just had “Blur” on her album and Stacy Barthe beat him to writing about waking up after a heavy drinking session and did it with a superior track too. The production from Polow is also pretty dope, very haunting and mellow, for him especially. FYI it was lifted from James Fauntleroy’s original demo for NKOTB ‘Twisted’ before it was recorded by them and re-produced by Timbaland & J-Roc.

And after all that drama with Ciara being upset Beyonce ‘copied’ her with the concept of “Like A Boy” (even though The Clutch probably wrote the majority of that track anyway) on “If I Were A Boy” now she goes and records this! Mind you, “Supernatural” has been around for ages now, so maybe her sessions with Ne-Yo have been over for that long and she’s just unfortunate Britney got there before her with the concept…

Either way, the track is cool and I hope Jive/LaFace get it cracking with Ciara’s “Fantasy Ride” project soon, with tracks like “Echo”, “Explode”, “I’m On” and “Work” being completely wasted, them releasing shit like “Go Girl” and “Never Ever” and 2 albums worth of material leaking already, they really are messing up her career up royally!

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