Keyshia Cole’s "You Complete Me" Video

Keyshia’s video for her second single from “A Different Me”, the THE-RON Feemster-produced “You Complete Me” (with strings by Ron Fair – he managed to get himself on nearly every track on the album with those fucking strings! Hot stuff though!) premiered on BET last night. Its a simple affair and a bit boring, I understand that according to her, Keyshia wrote this album based on other people’s experiences but as she’s the star I think she should have been getting married or the star of the video with a different concept, I just thought it was a bit unoriginal and cheesy. Considering this album’s tracks are so damn strong Geffen need to hire her some higher quality directors than Benny Boom, who has now directed nearly all her videos. I know he’s been in the business for years but his videos (bar Akon’s “I Wanna Love You” which I love) recently have been subpar, I’d much rather Keyshia work with the hot new video talent we’re seeing like Melina and Ray Kay, who nearly every video I’ve seen from has been hot. After a stunning transformation with that teeth-job she had and her new haircut/colour, polishing up her writing and arrangements from album to album and getting better producers each time round, videos are definitely the last thing Keyshia needs to get on lock to be a fantastic artist all round.

I am now a massive fan of Ms. Cole, as you can see, I’ve added “A Different Me” to my favourite albums OAT in the sidebar, I just know with albums like this and Jazmine Sullivan’s “Fearless” that they are going to be favourite albums of mine for life, because every (or near enough) track is mindblowing, I love it when you can just throw an album on and listen to it through and through, rather than having to keep skipping through the mediocre songs. I think there are better single worthy tracks on the album like “Make Me Over” and “Please Don’t Stop” but as the album is mostly mid & downtempos I guess she wants to represent what its all about with the singles. I also recently got her first two albums which I had criminally failed to listen to but after this album got me hooked on her, I had to hear more! Her first “The Way It Is” has a few decent tracks on it, my favourite being “You’ve Changed” just for her gorgeous background vocals, but you can tell she really started to polish her writing and arrangements from the second album “Just Like You” and was also given quality producers like Darkchild, Scott Storch, Soulshock & Karlin and Bryan Michael Cox to match this. My order of favourites is definitely 3rd>2nd>1st so hopefully she’ll improve even more on the next one. I’m definitely stanning for this girl right now though, everything she puts out is quality material and what’s best is she writes almost every track she performs.

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