Leona Lewis’ "I Will Be" Video

Great video for a great song. Melina was really on point with this one, damn, girl has been with every one of her videos I’ve seen up to now! I really respect her for making fantastic videos for ballads like “Bleeding Love” (that video was fricking AWESOME) and this because its definitely a lot easier to do a good video for an upbeat banger, as Jesse Terrero showed in his awful remake of “Bleeding Love” (the US version of the video) it can be so easy to stick to boring cliches. Leona looks flawless as always, loving the rock chick hair and gloves and the whole american-ness of the whole thing but I wish we would have found out WTF she got arrested!

I LOVE this girl, simply ADORE her. Even though I can’t WAIT for that sophomore album, I want a video for possibly every track from “Spirit” please Leona, because nearly everyone of them is single material! This is of course the fantastic Avril Lavigne/Dr. Luke/Max Martin track in which Leona shits all over Avril vocally, (okay who doesn’t she to be fair) who definitely needs to stick to writing/arranging, which I will admit she’s good at but I hate the girl’s voice! “Take A Bow” is long overdue as the next single though, get on it J!

All you US citizens cop your Deluxe Edition of “Spirit” on February 3rd, I already got 4 versions of the album (yes, I know this is beyond obsession) but if she adds some new artwork and tracks I’ll cop the US version too!

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