Random Track Of The Week: Onitsha – "This Is Serious"

This week’s random track comes from Gospel artist Onitsha Shaw, who released her debut album “Church Girl” on Hidden Beach offshoot label Stillwaters in 2007. The album was mostly produced by Shep Crawford but the track I’ve picked for today was a bonus, produced by Darkchild associate producer (DC3’s “Cater 2U”, Fantasia’s “It’s All Good”) Ricardo “Ric Rude” Lewis and written by Onitsha herself. (as most of the album was) The track finds Onitsha’s Brandy-esque vocals gorgeously arranged over a light beat from Ric Rude allowing them to really shine.
If you like the Brandy stylings on this track, check out tracks like the Phillip “P3” Scott-produced “Don’t Give Up” and Shep Crawford’s Darkchild “Full Moon”-production sounding “He Is” from the album too. I wish she’d given all three of these tracks to Brandy as demos, I would have loved them to be Brandy tracks. Despite the extreme similarity in Onitsha and Brandy’s vocal tones, I would have loved to her them by B-Rocka herself. I haven’t heard much from Onitsha recently which is a shame because she delivered a really strong debut album and her talent on vocals, arrangements and writing are all undeniable. She did however, co-write the gorgeous emotional track “Where Do We Go 2” with Shep Crawford for Deborah Cox’s fantastic latest album “The Promise” so check that one out for now and here’s hoping we get to hear more from Onitsha in the future!

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