Keri Hilson – "Ready To Fall" [Polow Da Don/Ne-Yo]

Its been a while since that crazy period of loads of tracks leaking from Keri a few months ago but unfortunately for her project, (and fortunately for us stans, although I do want this project to get a release and do well, I just can’t wait to hear more from my girl!) today leaked another track recorded for the serially delayed “In A Perfect World…”. When I heard about her going into the studio with Ne-Yo (and possibly Stargate, although this track being produced by Polow sort of goes against that unless these were additional sessions or Polow just worked with Ne-Yo within the Stargate sessions) I thought MMG were getting desperate because Keri is meant to be a singer/songwriter and therefore doesn’t need hitmaking teams like these to make her own hits like someone like Rihanna or Beyonce does. I would much rather hear contributions from people like The Clutch who Keri can really vibe and write with and still put across her own writing and vocal style in the track and I’m hoping they’ll be appearing more than once (“Return The Favor”) in the final tracklist, if MMG ever pull their finger out and decide one! I hear “Turnin’ Me On” is the single to have the most mainstream success up to now and even though I detest the track and am disgusted with the public for not picking up such catchy radio friendly tracks as “Energy” and “Return The Favor” and favouring shit like this, as long as it pushes MMG to get this damn album out once and for all, I’m happy!

“Ready To Fall” is admittedly pretty decent. It has a nice slightly dark vibe with those constant mellow guitar chords and that unusual “coo-coo” background vocal. The fact its a Polow production makes it even more enjoyable seen as the other Keri tracks we’ve heard from him (“Shake It” and “Turnin’ Me On”) have been completely subpar ghetto messes! This just shows he can produce interesting compositions when he wants to. He’s definitely a miss-miss-hit producer for me though, it takes him too many bad productions to come out with a good one and I hope his contributions to the final “IAPW…” tracklisting are minimal because I think he’ll probably bring the heat on maybe one track and the rest will be wasted space which could have been filled by some hot Timbo or Danja bangers! Also interestingly is that fact that the track is performed as a duet with Ne-Yo, so whether this is just a demo version and Keri may perform this alone or with another singer I don’t know.


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