Enrique Iglesias – "Takin’ Back My Love" (Sarah Connor Version) [Red One, Frankie Storm] & Ciara Version Music Video Shots

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Apparently Sarah Connor will replace Ciara’s vocals on the European release of Enrique’s next single “Takin’ Back My Love”, whereas Ciara will stay on the international release. Sarah’s a capable vocalist I’m sure, whereas Ciara isn’t the strongest, but Ciara definitely shits all over her on this one, I have no idea why they removed Ciara from the European one as if we don’t know who she is and Sarah hasn’t had a massive hit here for a while now. Either way, as a good Red One/Frankie Storm track I hope it does well regardless.

Thankfully we will get to see a video with Ciara and Enrique for the International version, a video with Sarah has also been filmed. Here’s some shots from the Ciara shoot, which was recently completed with one of my favourite directors Ray Kay, so I’m sure its gonna be hot! Both videos are set to premiere in early February.


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