Brandy – "Long Distance (Pop Version)"

Apparently Brandy’s second single, which has been out to download, music video filmed, album out, etc all for the past couple of months, has just been remixed to send to pop radio. The song however, hardly sounds any different and if anything the remix takes away from the original so I really don’t see the point. I’m sorry but what the FUCK are Epic playing at? Are they just too lazy to release another single or are they trying to upset Brandy by seeing such a fantastic song fail in the charts yet again? They need to get tracks like “Piano Man” and “Torn Down” out there and released before this project shifts any less units.

I’m also disgusted with the public for going out in their droves and buying Beyonce’s subpar album and leaving another Brandy masterpiece on the shelf but it is what is. Hopefully the Grammies will at least recognise this girl’s talent like they have Jazmine Sullivan’s album and get those underwhelming sales up to the high numbers both girls deserve for their immense talent.

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