Jazmine Sullivan – "Lions, Tigers & Bears" Video Preview

Finally some news on this single release, which was reported on some time ago now. Below is a sneak preview of my girl’s new video, which will premier on MySpace tomorrow! Loving the CGI and her Japanese school girl look, can’t wait to see the full thing! It seems like they’ve gone down the fairytale, fantasy-land image the song’s lyrics and beautifully arranged music portray, I hope we actually get some images of lions, tigers and bears in the video though with such an image-inducing title as this is.

As you may have read in my extensive review of the album (read it here) the Salaam Remi-produced track is just one of a whole collection of classics from her debut album “Fearless”. This LP needs to win all 5 of its Grammy nominations and finally achieve the sales it deserves – if you haven’t heard this Neo-Soul classic already, you should be ashamed of yourself! Grab it now!
As mentioned in my previous post I’m also hoping Brandy, along with Keyshia Cole get some recognition awards-wise at some point for their immensely satisfying recent albums “Human” and “A Different Me”, all 3 of these girls have talent for days, I have nothing but adoration and respect for them. Click below to watch the sneak peak:

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