Ciara – "Never Ever" Video – Chris Robinson

Well its out and its better than I expected. I love her dancing as always and like Alesha in the “Breathe Slow” video, good on her to actually be able to dance and look great to a slow song. However, I’m not feeling this black and white people seem to be getting into using recently its really boring and the video doesn’t make me like the song anymore, although it has grown on me a little bit. I’m just really annoyed that she’s recently tracks like this when she has tracks like “Echo”, “Work”, “Turntables” & “Rattla” just waiting for a fantastic video from her, I really think tracks like this would be better to bring her back to the success she once enjoyed. Either way, I hope this does well for her because I really want to hear the final product of “Fantasy Ride” hopefully it’ll still be some sort of conceptual album, I just want a whole album to buy from CiCi cos I really like her and want to support her.

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