Lady GaGa – "Lovegame" – Joseph Kahn – HQ DVD Rip

Wow, this video is immense, it and the track itself definitely shit all over “Just Dance”, which although is addictive and has been a staple tune of many a night out for me these past couple of weeks, lacks the longevity of this and “Poker Face” which are far superior tracks IMO. She’s definitely stepping her game up on the quality of her single releases and the accompanying videos with “Just Dance”, despite being directed by one of my current favourites Melina, lacking any oomph, she definitely made up for that with the beautiful Ray Kay-directed “Poker Face” and Joseph Kahn’s “Eh, Eh” and this one.

The video is a striking dance affair which is essentially what GaGa is beginning to show she does with great skill, along with writing the catchiest of tracks over Red One’s europop-inspired radio and club friendly beats of which he has an undeniable penchant for. That background vocal after the bridge at 2:53 (on the track itself) sounds awesome, it gives me the shivers every time! The images in this one are awesome – striking and original, especially her look in the security office with the black lipstick and the naked ‘body glitter’ scenes, the girl definitely scrubs up well!

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