Brandy – "Long Distance" – Chris Robinson – HQ DVD Rip

What an absolutely breath taking song and a video that serves it well by being equally as stunning. I love how Brandy looks in the scene where she has her hair up, it takes me back to her look in the “Full Moon” era. (my favourite Bran album) My only qualm with it is that Robinson shouldn’t have brought the colour change in so late, it should have been maybe when the drums start in the song, the video doesn’t fulfill its full potential by being in black and white for so long unfortunately. Regardless, its a great video, I just hope Brandy gets another one after her preposterously low sales for her beautiful singles and album, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for “Piano Man” or “Torn Down” as her next single release or better yet, that new album with Timbo & Darkchild she’s promised us, finally getting to hear her rendition of “Home” and maybe even a “Drum Life” release/video!

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