Day26 – "Let Me Love You Girl"

Here’s another leaked joint recorded for the guys’ forthcoming sophomore album “Forever In A Day”. Again, unfortunately I’m left cold with the midtempo jumpy piano-led number, it just lacks any interesting features at all.

I hate to keep comparing, but on the last album we had the most sultry R&B slow jams like “Come With Me”, “Come In”, “Are We In This Together”, “What It Feels Like”, “Since You’ve Gone” and “Don’t Fight The Feeling” so why is the quality so dismal in comparison this time around? Just who are the guys working with this? B. Cox said he was executive producing the project but I hope “Stadium Music”, “Put It On Her” and this aren’t all his productions because he brought heat last time around and these tracks simply won’t do!

All I can hope is that the leaked tracks have just been recorded during this album’s studio sessions but won’t actually make the final cut. Regardless, I really need to hear at least one good joint from this LP soon or I will completely lose interest!

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