Jazmine Sullivan’s "Dream Big" & "Lions, Tigers & Bears" Videos

Wow, here’s Jazmine’s latest video from her phenomenal debut album “Fearless”. “Dream Big” is her fourth single in the US and her first here in the UK, and I posted the fantastic StoneBridge radio edit earlier on in the week so check it out! This is her second time working with CGI-loving director Syndrome and although I’ve heard criticism against the supposedly “cheesy” effects I actually love this dude’s (?) videos, they’re really fun and original. I definitely prefer her last two videos to her first two anyway…

I also just realized how much Jaz looks like our very own Alexandra Burke after watching this. Both beautiful black women with amazing voices! If Alexandra can make an album half as good as Jazmine’s with her multi million dollar US & UK contracts then I’ll be happy.

What’s ironic about this video and song is that Jazmine should be inspiring young girls with the track from her successful stance but unfortunately she hasn’t had anywhere near the recognition her immense talent should warrant. I was absolutely disgusted that she didn’t receive even one Grammy out of her 5 nominations for such a quality album. I hope it pops off for her soon because everyone should have a copy of this LP, it really is a Neo-Soul classic.
Oh, and seen as I only posted the preview clip a few weeks back, here’s the full video for her last single, the breath taking love story “Lions, Tigers & Bears” also directed by Syndrome. I’m still pissed they didn’t have any lions or bears in the video, but that tiger does look mint!

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