Keri Hilson – "How Does It Feel" [Clip] [Timbaland]

Tom: From the sampler, but only this was new, I don’t see the point in posting the whole thing, I deleted the rest actually, this album should be here in a few days. By Sunday at the latest my expectations are low haha so it will really have to suck bad if I’ll be disappointed in it…

Me: OMG this sounds amazing, I’ma need the album to be full of tracks like this rather than “Turnin’ Me On” and “Hey Girl”! In reality I have a feeling its gonna be a 3 way split between these type of darker sounding tracks, “Turnin’ Me On”-type tracks and poppy tracks like “Return The Favour”, “Knock You Down” and “Energy”. It reminds me of “Mic Check” which I also adored. I hope the new Akon collabo is better than that or I’ll be pissed they cut it, never know it could be the same track just re-arranged like they did with “RTF”?

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